The 5 Most Desirable Beach Resorts In Antalya

Never ending stretches of fine sand by azure blue Mediterranean Sea with choices of coastal delight and delightful celebration of Turkish culture, Turkish beaches are perfect marriage of blissful romance and scenic view.

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Influx of tourism from across globe has ensured steady development of promenade with a line of exquisite luxury accommodation decked up finest of hospitality service. Following is a list staying true to the claim.

Antalya Beach Resort

Antalya beach runs long with the romance of ancient Roman ruins by its side. Reinforcing the luxury of Marriott group of hotels, the resort offers an array of service for the guests with choicest buffet spread, swimming pool, rejuvenating spa and health club.

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Breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and Taurus Mountain make it the perfect spot for a gala wedding venue or any gala even. The hotel is just 6 minute walk from the beach, to guests’ delight! Indulge in surfing, sunbathing as well as the sensational nightlife of Antalya while your stay is taken care of by impeccable service personnel of Antalya Beach Resorts.

Titanic Beach Lara

A magnificent holiday within the diaspora of thematic architecture, chic decoration, pleasant rooms and warm atmosphere is guaranteed when you book with the grand Titanic Beach Lara.

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Also known fondly as the pearl of Mediterranean Sea, Titanic Beach Lara that has repute of proving utmost satisfaction to guests irrespective of whether they seek a pleasant holiday or that of the professional business world. A world of sheer opulence and luxury unfold in front of you as you proceed with a confirmed stay with the spectacular resort.

Kempenski Hotel The Dome Belek

Situated at the lap of Mountain Taurus, the luxurious and opulent Kempenski Hotel The Dome Belek boasts of well furbished rooms with intricate finesse. A night’s stay here is a sheer delight for the guests. The design throughout the property is based on the original design features and symbols of ancient Seljuk culture while all guest rooms reflect a perfect marriage of old and new.

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The hotel offers a unique service in its 139 deluxe rooms, 18 suites and 16 Royal Golf villas and 2 special villas, including the Sultan and Pasha Villas, all of which are situated by the artificial lake on the Sultan Golf Course.

Rixos Pemium Belek

Rixos Pemium Belekowns a decently long stretch of private beach dotted with all amenities a guest might ask for while soaking under the tropical Sun. the luxury accommodation features pool, restaurants with exotic cuisines and a grand swimming pool to relax.

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It has it’s own spa, beauty parkour, fitness center and many an activity, survivor room being the quirky addition to the list. Strategically located near the airport ad downtown, the resort has many kids friendly activity making it a favorite family holiday abode.

Mardan Palace

The palatial structure redines elitism and an obvious choice of classy, elegant travelers. Located close to Antalya International Airport, Mardan Hotel has seamlessly arranged a marriage of ancient Ottoman culture and passion of service with all modern amenities. awarded as the most luxurious hotel of the world, the resort lives up to the crown with the presence of the largest swimming pool.

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The pool is decked with boat service, arty bridges and further split up with canal system. influenced by Istanbul style of architecture a stay in the magnificent hotel is an extraordinary experience in itself. Add to that the stunning view of deep blue sea. It is a fairy tale in real world.

That much coveted holiday by the beautiful Mediterranean sea reaches zenith when combined with an incredible luxury treatment. Go ahead and splurge on the hotels mentioned, for they are the finest in the region and deemed perfect to make your vacation memorable.

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