First Timers Guide To Beach Holiday In Thailand


Do you want to go for a long vacation in Thailand and planning to visit several beaches there? You are in the right place. Thailand has so many calm, interesting and beautiful beaches.

Thailand has many beaches than several other countries and that is why it is usually the best vacation location for beach enthusiasts like me. Some of the beaches in Thailand are always very busy while some are usually quiet with just a few people.

It all depends on your choice. There is one thing common among all the beaches in Thailand, they are all beautiful and clean. You can decide to spend most of your stay in Thailand visiting a single beach or check out as many beaches as possible.

I have listed some of my favorite beaches in Thailand below. To enjoy visiting beaches, you will also engage in several water activities like canoeing, surfing and kayaking.

Needless to say you should consider a hotel that is proximal to several beaches and other tourist centers.

Main Beach, Koh Kradan

This beach is located in island named Kradan, a combination of national park and a resort island. The beach is two kilometers wide and it offers very fine white sand and a lot of stunning views around.

Sunrise Beach & Sunset Beach, Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe is a beautiful island that has two different beaches on both sides. One is Sunset Beach while the other one is Sunrise Beach. The two beaches used to be very quiet but now they have become some sort of party location because they are now always busy both day and night. And still its one among my preferred one on the list.

Kluai Beach, Koh Kood

Koh Kood is the fourth biggest island in Thailand but it is the least developed probably because it is also one of the least visited islands. Unfortunately, tourists are not aware that Kluai Beach offers all what other beaches offer, if not more. It is one of the most quiet and tranquil beaches in Thailand.

In conclusion, it is important to make it clear that Thailand has more than 100 beautiful beaches. The ones outlined above are best choices for me. So, if you plan to spend the next few months visiting beaches in Thailand, there are more than enough beautiful beaches to keep you engaged.

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