Things Every Indian Should Know Before Going To Sri Lanka

The exotic land of Sri Lanka has emerged as a hotspot for tourism in South Asia only recently. Owing to the country’s troubled and tumultuous past, Sri Lanka is still relatively unexplored by travelers despite the abundant natural beauty present here. Undoubtedly one of the best destinations to visit in Asia, this hidden gem invites visitors with its unparalleled charm and beautiful culture. Planning a trip to this enchanting country? Take a look at these things to know before traveling to Sri Lanka.

things to know before traveling to Sri Lanka

1. Sri Lanka has fluctuating climate throughout the year

Despite being a tropical country which usually boasts of sunny and blue skies, Sri Lanka features a number of different climatic conditions. Two monsoons, the northeast monsoon (December to March), and the southwest monsoon (June to October), are a unique feature of the weather here. So, do keep in mind these varying conditions while planning a trip.

2. Be respectful of the political past

One of the most important things to know before traveling to Sri Lanka is that, with the recently ended civil war, Sri Lanka is still a politically sensitive country struggling to find its footing in terms of stability. So, unless you are looking to stir the hornet’s nest, steer clear of the delicate or controversial topics like politics and history.

3. Sri Lanka is a bit more expensive than most South-Asian countries

Usually travel in Sri Lanka is a tad pricier than that in other South Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Laos. The accommodation and restaurants especially charge you more than what you find in India. So, be sure to check the costs before planning your excursion!

4. Traveling by roads in time-consuming

It might take you hours to travel short distances, owing to the narrow and crowded roads in Sri Lanka! We Indians are used to navigating such roads and so, this shouldn’t be a challenge for us. However, it is better to keep this factor in mind while planning your itinerary. Buses in Sri Lanka are often crowded and its hard to keep an eye on your baggage. Paste some sort of unique flashy vacation clipart to spot it easily.

5. The local food is delicious and perfect for the Indian palate

With an abundance of fresh produce and seafood, Sri Lanka is known to serve some of the tastiest dishes in South Asia. Due to lesser emphasis on spices and more on flavour, Sri Lankan food is a milder cousin Indian food. Since the raw ingredients used in the preparations are familiar to us Indians, food here is not at all an issue.

Boasting of intriguing customs, an interesting culture, abundant natural beauty and super-friendly locals, Sri Lanka is a perfect destination for every kind of a tourist. Add this country to your travel bucket list today!

If you know of any other things to know before traveling to Sri Lanka, please let me know in the comment section below.

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