Hikkaduwa – Sri Lanka’s Small Coastal Town

Hikkaduwa is a small Sri Lankan beach town situated on the southern coast which got its name from Ship Kaduwa which means ‘sword of knowledge’. The little town lies on the Southern coast rail line and also the A2 highway making it accessible both via rail and road.

The beach and night life of the town has attracted loads of international tourists over the years. Any visitor here is sure to be captivated and doubt why it is a top notch surfing spot worldwide.

After being ruined by the Tsunami in 2004, Hikkaduwa has regenerated and now has a multitude of tailors.

Major Things To Do In Hikkaduwa

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1. A visit to the island temple known as Seenigama Vihara. It is one of the only two temples where victims of theft seek nemesis.

2. Go through a photo journey of the devastating impact of the Tsunami that hit the town in 2014 as you visit the Tsunami Photo Museum.

3. A remembrance to the thousands who lost their life in the Tsunami is not be missed and so do visit the Tsunami Memorial tower. For a fact, Hikkaduwa marks its name for having the most disastrous train accident, killing 1200 people.

4. Tsunami honganji vihara, a place that is a sombre countenance of a 60ft Buddha facing the sea. It is here you visit to find some peaceful remembrance for the ones died in Tsunami.

5. A locally run Tsunami Education Centre and Museum which provides education to the locals in respect to Tsunami. Also present here are some of the dead bodies from the Tsunami of 2004.

6. Even if you don’t have a craze for the moonstone on your fingers, a fascinating visit to the moonstone mines is a must on your list.

7. Take a boat ride in the Hikkaduwa Lake along with the inhabitant monitor lizards and the flight of birds.

8. If you have a zeal for cute little turtles than do visit a turtle hatchery situated close to the Hikkaduwa beach.

9. For those adventurous spirits the Hikkaduwa coral sanctuary is definitely not worth missing.

10. To energize you back after such a great exploration it’s time for some Ayurveda treatments.

11. Finally, the beach. Isn’t it why you went there?

The Perfect Meal In The City

Sri Lankan Black pork Curry with Coconut Rotti by Son of the Morning Light on 500px.com

For a mouth relishing start of your day head to the Salty Swamis Cafe & Surf Shop. The cafe best served dishes makes a long list but some must try are their pol roti with scrambled eggs or the pork belly and yes the crushes.

If you are ready to shed of some money and have a tummy craving for jumbo food then there’s a place to hit blindly. The Nordic House Luxury Burgers serves the best in town.

Home Grown Rice and Curry will truly satiate you with its delicious Indian food.

Infinite will the list go on for there is so much to choose from, each having own peculiarities, so don’t hesitate hitting up something new.

Know This Before Visiting Hikkaduwa

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1. Remember to take clothes to cover shoulders and remove shoes, whilst visiting the Buddha statue.

2. Insurance against theft, loss and medical is highly recommended and be sure to go through for any exclusions they may have in the fine print for activities like scuba, skiing, motorcycling and more.

3. The cops at the tourist strip barely speak English so that could be a little Irking if there is a need for communication.

4. Daily rental vehicles are the best to roam around. They are easily available at a price of around Rs.800 for mopeds and Rs.1700 for trail bikes.

Hikkaduwa though a small town can offer you a plenty of opportunity to savor the remembrance to the victims of the Tsunami that devastated the whole town. Every piece of the town reflects the memories of the ruins and how the city had bolstered its state post disaster.

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