Unawatuna – A Place In The Time Of Ramayana

A coastal town in the Galle district of Sri Lanka, Unawatuna holds its place into the time of Ramayana and is a tourist hub in today era. The little town gives you a feel of a suburb area and is great for a vacation.

Unawatuna’s diverse biodiversity with over 60 species of birds adds up to the beauty of the town. The large marshy area made the town have a great potential for eco-tourism but that’s history. A chain hotel covered more than half the marshy area and has devastated to some extent.

All in all it is a place to grab a drink while you witness the day ending and an euphony of the waves hitting the shores.

Major Things To Do In Unawatuna

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1. Japanese Peace Pagoda is one of the 80 around the world and being located close to the beach the views from here are even more breath taking. Located close to the jungle beach this place will leave you stunned with its beauty both inside and in the surrounding.

2. Visit the banana shaped Unawatuna Beach which with its golden sand and turquoise water will leave you full of joy.

3. A quite little beach, the Jungle Beach is less crowded unlike the Unawatuna beach and is therefore a better choice for those looking a peace in time.

4. Indulge in some soul soothing mornings with the yoga classes offered by various organizations. You can check with your resort for if they have such services.

5. Get your hands on local cooking classes. Various locals and even restaurants offer such classes and is definitely a great experience.

6. Go far in the sea on a Dolphin hunt safari. And no wonder if you are lucky enough to spot few whales too.

7. Take a cultural tour of the city to learn about the local lifestyle and the history associated with the Ramayana.

8. Now that the diverse bird species the town is a home to, you can’t miss a bird watching to

9. Visit a small Buddhist temple and witness an amazing view of the bay.

The Perfect Meal In The City

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Start your day with Eco Cafe’s breakfast. The cafe’s calm and relaxing environment along with its fresh supplies from the backyard garden will make you all set for the day’s exploration.

Jina’s Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant and Coconut Sambol are your top choice for the budget dining experience of Indian food. The Coconut Sambol serves some of the best curries making it worth to pay a second visit.

Now if you are looking for some fine dine experience then the Rockside Restaurant serves the best food on your table with a great view at the same time.

Sucre & Sale is a must visit for your French oriented taste buds.

The Lucky Tuna serves the freshest and finger licking barbecued fish along with other dishes to satiate your love for sea food.

Know This Before Visiting Unawatuna

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1. Buses are available to and from Galle to Unawatuna at a price of Rs.18. Hiring a three wheeler can cost you around Rs.500.

2. Weather conditions prevailing in the town should be checked for prior to any planning. This saves you from disappointment for not being able to access the beaches due harsh rainy climate.

3. The town was desolated after the 2004 Tsunami but with persistence efforts of the locals and the government it has managed to raise up and has gained popularity in tourism industry.

4. Be sure to wear full length descent clothing while you make a visit to the temple.

Overall a trip to Unawatuna is packed with history dating its root in the Ramayana along with some delectable curries to be served to relish your taste buds.

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