Negombo – My Favorite Beach Town In Sri Lanka’s West Coast

Negombo geographically on the west coast is one of the major beach towns of Sri Lanka. Being the fourth largest the city, Negombo is not only the administrative capital but also a commercial and economic hub of the country.

Negombo is known for its huge fish industry and hosts several large fish markets. The city is a lot popular tourist spot as the main International Airport of Sri Lanka resides here itself making it well connected to other parts of the country.

Looking back to the history, Negombo from the mid seventeenth to end of eighteenth century witnessed a change in ruling power from the Portuguese to the Dutch and at last the British. A tint of European culture can still be seen in some part of the town.

Major Things To Do In Negombo

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1. Main fish market, here you will find some great though smelly yet fresh sea food the fisherman’s trap early morning. The main attractions are the lobster, prawns and crabs which come from the lagoon.

2. Take a picturesque bicycle ride side-by the Dutch constructed Hamilton Canal witnessing the small villages along the canal and get to know a little more about the local culture.

3. If you are a party animal then join the expats and tourist at the Rhodeo Pub for some fun.

4. Witness the ruins from the Old Dutch fort located close to the seafront at the lagoon mouth.

5. Take a three wheeler ride to the Angurukaramulla Temple where a 6 m long reclining Buddha resides and makes you feel enchanted.

6. Ice Bear Century Cafe resorted in the peach-pink townhouse of the colonial era serves a class of Sri Lankan brews and homemade cakes.

7. Negombo beach is a great spot to saunter and have a soul soothing sunset view.

8. If you want to spend some time with the locals then join them at the Negombo Beach Park which is noisier unlike the Negombo Beach.

9. St Mary’s Church, located at the centre of the town depicts some menacing religious paintings on the ceiling.

Eating In Negombo

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Before, you venture out to the restaurants in Negombo, you must try the street food on the beach. Very delicious but not the best hygiene.

Enjoy the sea side breeze and view as you tuck in some pizza, espresso and home-made gelato at the Italian owned Dolce Vita.

Party like never before at Rodeo Pub and delve yourself into some of their delectable dishes both western and Sri Lankan.

Experience the hybrid of Western and Eastern flavours at Lords Restaurant. A must try dish is the prawn, coconut and arak curry complimented by a cocktail.
Give your taste buds a treat of sea food at the Tusker Restaurant.

Many other options are available for those on budget like Sea Joy restaurant , Rimini Beach restaurant and more that serve great taste and located on sea side giving you a view while you eat.

Things To Know Before Visiting Negombo

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1. The busy centre of Negombo town lies to the west of the bus and train stations. Most places to stay, however, line the main road that heads north from the town centre, with the beach-side hotel strip starting about 2 km north of town.

2. Check out the Lords Restaurant website for there is a lot happening at the place – multiple dining spaces, live music and shisha pipes.

3. Check out the prevailing whether while you plan your visit and avoid rainy season to make the best of your holidays.

All in all the town of Negombo is a perfect getaway for beachaholic in you and not to miss the town’s long list of food outlets to try will make your taste buds wander.

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